Tacoma sex chat lines

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According to the FBI's Computer Crimes Complaint Center in Washington, D.

C., several people claim they have been extorted by the site Bait My

A Google Voice number listed for the site, 407-205-BAIT, has a Minnesota area code.

The man who claims to be the founder of Bait My Mate, Chase Barton, did not respond to multiple requests for comment via emails to the site.

Chalfant, 29, joined the dating Web site Plentyof hoping to find a relationship.

Instead, the Tacoma man was pulled into what he claims is an online extortion scam.

We accept Pay Pal and credit cards.” Another member of the “removal department,” who went only by Sara, assured Chalfant that the conversation would be removed within an hour if he paid the fee.His private conversation had been posted on a website called Bait My “Absolutely anybody could look at it and see what I had said back and forth with this girl – this supposed girl,” he said.The site claims to offer “cheater investigative services,” but also offers those who have been “busted” an opportunity to make the evidence disappear.In his case, Chalfant was directed to contact the Website’s “removal department” via email.

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