Dating sites for gays with disabilities watson dating felton

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If you think that you have a tough time meeting women, just imagine what your life would be like if you had the added challenge of a disability.

Some of us already have that extra obstacle to overcome.

From LLC's to SLC's, cast-shoes to crutches, CCC is better than EVER. So she decides to take a smoking break and opens the window to air the office out.

In the lesbian and gay world, we are bombarded with images of young, able-bodied people, so the stigma of disability colors our lives.The result is that the visible lesbian and gay community does not reflect the diversity of LGBT people, and leaves an entire section of the community ignored or marginalised.Some of us have to conceal our impairments or risk rejection, whether it is from friends, family, school or even bullying in the workplace.Lisa, a friend from Manchester, told me: "I am a person who happens to be a lesbian, who happens to have a disability, but most importantly, I am a whole person...I feel I belong to two communities but do not fit in to either." Both groups face discrimination and prejudice, exclusion and separation from mainstream society.

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