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This struggle eventually led to the fall of Koryo in 1392, when General Yi Song-Gye revolted against the king and founded the Yi dynasty.In control until the early twentieth century, it proved to be Korea's longest reigning dynasty and one of the most enduring regimes in history.Mongolian forces invaded Koryo in 1231 and occupied the kingdom until 1368.

France, Great Britain, and the United States had already begun to dominate areas within China and other Asian countries.South Korea's government is an emergent democracy, and Seoul—Korea's largest city—is its capital.An estimated 67 million people live on the Korean peninsula, with a population of approximately 43.9 million in South Korea and another 23.1 million residing in North Korea.China lies to Korea's west, separated from the peninsula by the Yellow Sea.Japan lies to its east on the other side of the Sea of Japan.

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