Internet dating for introverts

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This will ultimately be a discouraging energy drain when you have to go through them all and pick a needle out of a haystack.2.) Pick a place that is familiar to meet for a first date.

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For pay:e Harmony only makes your profile visible to those who are good matches.

This way you feel more in control of the situation.

Nothing worse then a bad date that drags on for too long.

Scheduling something like a date on a busy day guarantees you will already be on the low energy side. Schedule it the way you do a date—with a time you stick to to end the call. If you think there is chemistry set a time to meet, the sooner the better.

Nothing worse than feeling trapped on the phone with someone droning on about nothing. Endless emails, texts and phone conversations end up feeling like wasted time if you meet and it just isn’t there. Being tired can leave an introvert feeling more sensitive.

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