Validating and improving test case effectiveness dating guide online senior

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Further, you can club complicated tasks as per their priorities.

Once you are done with identifying the priority tasks, start dividing the tasks in a way that meets the expected timeline.

If you’re not comfortable with your internal capabilities to test your BI applications, turn to the Bit Wise DW/BI Testing platform and lean on Bit Wise’s expertise and experience gained through testing business intelligence applications for clients over the past decade.

Radhika leads the BI Practice at Bitwise as Delivery Manager.

Effective integration of testing in the implementation process builds trust and confidence among business users as they make crucial strategic decisions, based on the BI data generated.

Testing of Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence (DW/BI) applications is a little different than testing traditional transactional applications as it requires data-centric testing approach.

The strategy should cover test planning for each stage, every time the data moves and state the responsibilities of each stakeholder e.g.

Key areas this phase should focus on are: While above considerations are given, one important aspect that still remains to be addressed is the issue of ‘Time’.

Her key responsibilities include consulting clients during BI Implementation initiatives and ensuring per plan execution of projects by delivery teams.

When it comes to testing, enterprises and QA managers often chose automated testing to speed up the release cycles, get rid of tedious tasks and enhance software quality.

Once the data is transformed, thorough testing needs to be executed to ensure underlying data complies with the expected transformation logic.

Key areas this phase should focus on are: Data Storage: The data storage phase refers to loading of data within the data warehouse/data mart or OLAP cubes.

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