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This love-before-sight may have begun when you first felt her movements or hiccups.

Or bonding may have started when you saw your baby at your ultrasound scans, getting bigger every time.

the free-electron laser, coherent Cerenkov, transition and synchrotron radiation and the beam-plasma interaction manifested as extreme (TV/m) high field acceleration in plasma driven by charged particle or laser beams.

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It may be that one baby needs to be cared for in the neonatal unit (NNU) while your other baby stays with you on the postnatal ward.

On the research side, Professor James Rosenzweig is world renowned as an expert in the physics of intense, ultra-fast charged particle beams and their interactions.

These interaction scenarios include the beam self-interaction, classified as single component relativistic plasma physics, the beam-beam interaction in colliders, the beam-radiation interaction, e.g.

And while you're savouring the high, the feel-good hormone dopamine that's coursing through your body is also helping your baby to attach emotionally to you.

You probably started to bond with your baby while she was in your tummy.

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