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One particular night as Shareka and the youth were leaving the service, De'Angelo was coming in. After discussing her name, neither one of them had any desire to end the conversation. This is the sister that gave me my first niece and nephew and for that I am so grateful!!

Shareka tried to introduce herself and let him know that she was the one who sent him the Facebook message. They both began to open up and share their life story! I will never forget how we traveled every summer to New York City to spend time with grandma! My most memorable moment with you is the time we drove to Atlanta for daddy surprised birthday gathering! In fact we talked so much we got lost and didn't know we were lost! Lol Thank you for being apart of my big day, I wouldn't have it no other way!!

The WORD was so powerful that evening, the youth leaders of Mt.

Pleasant Baptist Church inquired of him preaching their Youth Revival the following month.

It all started when Shareka and many others heard De'Angelo preach at New Samaritan Baptist Church in March 2012.

This service was held by the Mount Hebron Progressive Baptist Association.

I can truly say you have been looking out for a brother! We've laughed together, rode together, cried together, and fussed together still to this day! We put all the money we had together and came up with !!

Exciting, compelling, and grounded in new research, this is one of those rare books that has the power to change us at the deepest level.Not knowing his name, Shareka looked at the program from that service to find out his name so she could send him a message via Facebook asking if he could preach their youth revival. Shareka then proceeded to ask if everything was alright. The look on his face was seen by others and they began to ask if everything was ok.De'Angelo responded promptly saying he would be honored to do so. Unsure of what was going on, Shareka said yes everything is fine.I remember first meeting you and connecting with you through a simple hand shake!Thanks for always making me feel apart of the family!

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