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Should you find that you have walked off with one of our keys, please send it back via snail mail.We are thrilled to be able to offer Gilchrist & Soames bath and body products to make your stay at The Belvedere Inn even more relaxing.Costs were calculated by taking total program costs and dividing them in half, as the programs featured are designed to be completed in two years or less. This information does not account for scholarships or discounts such as corporate partner and military rates that may be available.For complete cost of attendance information and an individualized estimate, please use the Rasmussen College Net Price Calculator, which is located here:

So, pick up the sticks and enjoy a game of pool in our beautiful Billiards Room.

Since many Mayan structures in southern Mexico and Central America were astronomical observatories, the designers incorporated references to the sun and the moon, both themes in Mayan art, in the pavement at the entrances and in the lobby.

The interior foyer features artist Jose Antonio's monumental mosaic mural cycle "OUR LEGACY: Forever Presente..." which is a visual tribute to East Los Angeles' proud cultural heritage and socio-political struggle.

By May of 2017, we will offer add-on packages to the normal room rate, so look for those additons to our service menu.

In the meantime, let us help you in your quest for a wonderful Hannibal stay! Yep – all you have to do is push in the code and you enter the house. There are key chains with The Belvedere Inn written on them and our address.

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