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As testament to the general satisfaction he gave women, or perhaps also his good sense in targets, all this had merely led to enthusiastic note comparisons over Mary Lou’s surprisingly tasty gluten free cupcakes.And Alex was a very indulgent lover, all the women agreed, especially the seamstress, whose wardrobe of self made bondage outfits made Laura and David feel positively vanilla.The tilapia was definitely going to need to be cooked tomorrow then, and it might be a little iffy, but he’d have ran out and got filet mignon and truffles if it would facilitate what was coming, and damn the risk of spoiled food. Not like Alex who just walks in and rules the room.” David started to say something, but Laura cut him off. So if this is about dealing with detached masculinity or something we can keep trying, but if you’re going to wig out I don’t want to play. I’m not going to fuck Alex, but if you want we can try to narrow down a better fit and…” “That’s okay Laura, sorry.” “Ah, what the fuck, we all have our baggage. They had condoms, kept for the sex toys, and fresh box too because Laura had just bought them last week, and David teased the hell out of himself, raiding the plastic tote she kept her nice lingerie in. Laura had the tenacity of a pitbull when she wanted. How the hell would she even ask, she pointed out, hey Alex, my boyfriend would like nothing more than watch while you fucked me, and even more so to serve us both?Alex’s ability with a hammer and table saw made him the darling of Laura’s burlesque troupe.

Laura had taken the master bath for herself with a little snort of amusement, and proceeded to fill it, floor to ceiling with all the vast arsenal of femininity, plug in appliances for torturing hair; bottles with chemical lists as long as they were incomprehensible; and things with the word “spa” in the branding.

But while she’d join into his masturbation sessions, Laura was stubbornly too demure to ask the real man for the real thing. Half the time all you fucking talk about is how much you fucking want some other guy to be the one fucking me.

As a result, all David could do was keep encouraging Laura with the burlesque hobby, and not complain when she let her end of the housekeeping slip in favour of another evening helping out for the upcoming festival performance. ” “How can I say anything when that’s clearly what you want? If this is some weird after sex Madonna-whore, betrayal bullshit thing I…” “Laura,” he put up a hand for peace. He was like, completely respectful about it, but that’s how Alex gets laid so much.

” The hard part about their sexuality was not getting Laura on board with femdom.

While his idea, she’d bounced onto the back of that horse and ridden it further than he’d ever thought possible outside of improbable fantasies, and as shallow as it was, her good natured enthusiasm and own clear sexual arousal with the subject had been a major anchor even where other girlfriends had been more compatible with hobbies and values. He never pressured her on that, though he’d made it clear he wasn’t going to complain as long as the guy was sane, healthy and made her happy.

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