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Out of the more than 40 sexually transmitted HPV strains, more than a dozen have been identified as cancer-causing, according to the National Cancer Institute.6) No one seems to talk about the psychological ramifications of HPV—when people find out they are positive for HPV they often feel like an inferior partner and worry about their future personal life.But how do we balance these needs with parental autonomy? Finally, one piece of good news about HPV: the majority of HPV strains cause transient infection.In healthy people, the body’s immune system is usually able to clear the virus over time.

Parents especially express concerns about vaccine safety, parental autonomy, and the financial interest of vaccine manufacturers.

The devastated mothers are too embarrassed to tell anyone about their baby’s illness. 4) HPV is a nasty virus that can grow on lots of different body parts.

HPV warts, or papillomas, can grow almost anywhere on the skin, including the genitals, hands and feet.

When patients learn they are positive, their first response is usually not about their cancer risk.

Crying, they tell me how angry they are at their partner and worry about their ability to find a good spouse.

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