French dating habits

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Before this, French cuisine was largely influenced by the Italians, and it was only when the two great chefs François Pierre La Varenne and Marie-Antoine Carême decided to shift from foreign influences when French cuisine began to take shape.

As of the 20 century, the French ways of cooking became standardized and codified into what later became the high-level, elite gastronomic experience known as haute cuisine.

While the other parts of the world claim that breakfast should be eaten like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper, the French do the opposite.

Breakfast is usually the lightest meal of the day, followed by a leisurely lunch, and then a hefty dinner with four or more courses. It usually consists of sliced bread with jelly or jam and some coffee, tea or hot chocolate served in bowls.

This is the reason why French people are highly appreciative of fine food even at a young age, and take pride at the wonderful reputation of the amazing French cuisine.

What we now know to be the classic French cuisine began to be developed as early as the 17 century when two visionary chefs paved the way for the distinct French style of cooking to emerge.

Everything is freshly picked and cooked to perfection.

Bread and wine is also present during most dinners.The ingredients are freshly picked from the available local produce resulting to varied regional dishes.– Eric Ripert, chef, restaurateur and Top Chef judge French food is widely known to be delightfully presented.In smaller towns however, it is still customary to have two hour lunches, and people often go home to spend their lunch break.Dinner for the French is a time when the family gets together to talk about the day and bond over food.

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