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In this category, then, cheerleading qualifies (Jeff Maysh's "Why One Woman Pretended to be a High-School Cheerleader"). '"Notions of American identity also inform Bryant's concern for the country and its athletes. "We're not just living in a dangerous world but in an America that isn't quite sure if America still means what we once collectively believed it did." Are we a nation of immigrants or human-trafficking profiteers?

Maysh's portrait of Wendy Brown, 33, is largely a contest of between truth and deceit, but it's American to the core: "' Can't repeat the past? See Luke Cypher and Teri Thompson's heartbreaking piece on dreams deferred in "Lost in America".

creator Norman Lear will never forget the actor’s speech that made both parties think twice. I called his manager and he said, ‘Well, Mickey’s in the office, he happens to be in the office. '” Lear continues to recall how Rooney spoke of himself “in the third person” over the phone and declared, “If you got something for the Mick, just tell ’em.” For more revelations from the past four decades of entertainment, visit ew.com/untoldstories.

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‘You wanna do something with the Mick, listen to this: Vietnam vet, short, blind, large dog…private eye.'” Clearly, that didn’t work out, and Lear ended up casting Carroll O’Connor as Archie Bunker in .Watch the interview above and head to PEOPLE.com/PEN for more from the People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN).It didn't last the test of time, even five years.So one thing that's evolved for me is trying to understand why a film lasts. And that's always going to come down to theme; making people laugh isn't quite enough.

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