Access table still updating

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Note - I know this segue is a bit of a stretch - but it's a great story isn't it?

The simplest query is one that comes from a single table, and it will, by default, update data in the database when data is changed from the query.

From Access all I can do is manually add data by hand.

I’ve tried various things to get myself where I want to go, but nothing is working that well. Here is what I’ve tried: Random thoughts: Tim, aren’t you learning Python? I am using the management UI that comes with SQL Server 2014.

It’s crazy how you can see something and think: Yes, I want to create that!It can be updated because Access is able to do a logic walk and figure out how to resolve your change in the subsidiary tables.So we've seen that you can update data from a query under the following circumstances: So when can't you update data from a query?This is an example of a one-to-many relationship: each cabin in the cabin table may hold many campers from the camper table.If you have a query like this and make a change to the cabin name when you run the query, you'll see that the new cabin name has replaced the former cabin name in the query results. You're really changing the underlying data in the cabin table and it immediately ripples to other rows in your query.

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