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Featuring Angel’s vixen of a co-host Chloe Crawford, who is a supremely talented illusionist in her own right, and a whole slew of comedians, acrobats, dancers and live musicians, this show will leave you puzzled in the most delicious ways.From sleight of hand tricks, laser explosions, pyrotechnics and 3D special effects, let’s just say you’re in Vegas -- let your mind be freaked."What doctors found is you have to continue treatment to kill all the cells, as there is no guarantee," Angel explained.Paris Jackson had a really dark moment with Criss Angel!So sit back, don’t even think you’re gonna relax, and be prepared to watch this entire show from the edge of your seat.Seriously, Chriss Angel should stop talking about how cool Chriss Angel is and stop showing videos of everyone else talking about how cool Chriss Angel is, and actually show a little more of how cool he is.For those who didn't know, Michael Jackson's daughter first met the illusionist years ago when the late pop star took her to see one of his performances.Related: Paris Returns Home To MJ's Neverland Ranch Well, for an episode of the illusionist's A&E show "We went and took a little journey I didn't know where it was gonna go and she got legitimately completely freaked out. So, I think when you have that and you carry that with you, it manifests itself in different ways, and it reflects in different parts of your life.

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WATCH: Criss Angel Posts Heart-Wrenching Photos of Cancer-Stricken Son Angel was joined by his 2-year-old son, Johnny Crisstopher Sarantakos, and the mother of his child, Shaunyl Benson.A united front: In a show of unity Criss retweeted the post, adding the caption: 'When a talentless magician performs for 15 people,has no original material thats the result LOL #wanna Bthat Will Never B [sic'' A feud erupts?The magician - one of the world's most successful - appeared to hit-out at Chloe's ex-husband in the tweet, Murray Sawchuck, who has a residency at the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas Back in time: Chloe and Criss were first confirmed as a couple in October, just one month after she and Murray (pictured together in September 2015), 41, were said to have ended their three year marriage'It's early days, but Chloe and Criss are very happy,' said the insider. Although Murray is putting on a brave face he's absolutely devastated.And driving home her assertion that she was still in Criss' Mindfreak show at the Luxor hotel, she captioned the picture: 'LOVED HATED NEVER IGNORED Come see me LIVE @crissangel #mindfreak Grand Opening June 30th [sic].'In a show of unity Criss' official Twitter account retweeted the post, adding the caption: 'When a talentless magician performs for 15 people,has no original material thats the result LOL #wanna Bthat Will Never B [sic].' Going stong: Taking to Twitter a defiant Chloe, 27, tweeted she was still 'living w most loving man ever' whilst proclaiming she was still the 48-year-old magician's '#1 Co-star' - a move followed by Criss (pictured)The pair are said to be rivals, and at the time that Criss and Chloe went public with their relationship, a source close to the former spouses revealed to The People that Murray was 'absolutely devastated'.Criss appeared to be under the impression the rumours started with Murray, as he preceeded his retweet with a picutre of Chloe in his show, accusing a 'blond wig wearin magician' was behind the rumours.

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