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Williams was expected to again contend for the F1 world championship, as they had in the previous two seasons with Prost and Nigel Mansell, albeit with cars that had electronic aids no longer allowed in the new season.

Once he arrived back to his hotel in Castel San Pietro, Senna reportedly telephoned his girlfriend Adriane Galisteu and broke down into tears while recounting Barrichello's accident earlier that day.

He then attended the circuit's Medical Centre where he learnt from friend and neurosurgeon Sid Watkins that Ratzenberger had died.

When the two left the centre together, Watkins told the inconsolable multiple-time world champion that he did not have to race ever again and suggested to Senna that he withdraw from the race and go fishing with him.

Therefore I didn't have a single run or a single lap that I felt comfortable or reasonably confident. Going back to when we raced at Estoril last September (on testing the passive Williams at the same track 4 months later), it feels much more difficult.

Some of that is down to the lack of electronic change.

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