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She helped us figure things out and actually deal with what was getting in our way. - Sue and Mike, 30-something We marveled at how capable Dr.Rucker was in helping us sort out our sexual problems.Finally I found someone I could really feel comfortable talking to about such private things as my sex life.I never believed such change was possible — I only wish that my husband and I had gone for such specialized counselling years ago.I couldn’t find somewhere decent just searching though ads, so I put up a “wanted” post. I only got one response in the whole month, so that was the only place I went to go and look at.It wasn’t great, but because there was nothing else available, I had to move in. I stayed there for a while, and eventually it was obvious that my roommate and I were a bad fit and I needed to find somewhere new.As soon as I arrived, I got on Craigslist and Kijiji.I wasn’t successful at all, so I started looking at other opportunities like home-shares.

- Jack, age 85, with erectile dysfunction We welcome not only heterosexuals, but also gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals and couples.

My inability to have intercourse and the pain I was having were ruining my life. Rucker helped me find the right gynecologist and a pelvic physiotherapist to help me. - Samantha, aged 23, with vulvar vestibululodynia We provide therapy to people of all ages — from young adult to senior and every age in between.

Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion or cultural background, we have been successfully providing sex therapy, couples therapy, and relationship therapy for over 25 years.

I have an apartment, one bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen is shared. I know this isn’t what you’re looking for but if you’re open minded and easy going do you have other pics and a contact number? After a while, you stop being sure if you can even trust people on housing websites.

That’s a tough position to be in when you’re looking for a home. It’s very neutral, and there’s absolutely nothing in it to suggest that I’d want that kind of relationship. Luckily, after a long time, I managed to get a viewing at two places.

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