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So that’s a common challenge I hear: What can USA Cycling do to better serve its everyday membership and to support growth and participation?Bouchard-Hall, left, pictured in 2000: A talented pro, he competed in the Olympics and in many top races.In the old days, it was asking an awful lot of a young athlete to go into that environment of doping and resist doing it, and we know that was asking a lot because few people were able to resist it. Anyone engaging in doping today knows full well what they are doing. There are opportunities for clean athletes to succeed that didn’t exist in the past. You don’t cease being alcoholic — it’s something you fight with every single day.We know there are clean athletes succeeding at the highest level, which is a change and is really good. And those of us who are responsible for managing the sport, and have a role to play in antidoping, need to fight it every single day.Anybody who’s doping today knows full well they’re a cheater and they’re stealing from others. We know it exists — we still have athletes testing positive. For those we catch there are others who are not caught.That clarity is part of what’s making so many fewer people do it. So it’s still a problem, but it’s a much smaller problem, and it’s not an endemic, rampant problem.DEREK BOUCHARD-HALL: My business background formally began when I retired from bike racing, in 2002, and I went to business school to get an MBA.I ended up entering consulting for a long time — private-equity consulting with Ernst & Young — and then spent nearly four years with Mc Kinsey doing traditional management consulting.

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Having taken a big pay cut and decided to relocate his family to Colorado Springs, Colorado, he's facing his greatest challenges yet — fixing a troubled institution in USA Cycling and making cycling's "doping story go away." BUSINESS INSIDER: Tell us about your background and what you're bringing from the business world to your role as the CEO of USA Cycling.DBH: There are a few things people are looking for from USA Cycling to do differently or better.One, absolutely, is to enhance support of grassroots development.Rather than everybody transforming themselves significantly, it’s a small portion that’s transforming themselves much less.It is also universally understood that doping is cheating. There was a time when people thought, "Everybody’s doing it, so I’ve got to do it, too." And that doesn’t exist anymore.

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