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Banks retain their solvency requirements for borrowers unchanged.

An historical data analysis shows that mortgage loans with a small initial instalment are characterised by higher credit risks of borrowers.

The unsecured consumer lending segment sees credit activity growth.

In March-July 2017, loan receivables grew by 0.8-1.5%1 monthly, while in previous periods they declined.

Against the backdrop of gradual and heterogeneous recovery of credit activity across various lending segments credit gap assessments (defined as the difference between the credit-to-GDP ratio and its long-term trend) remain negative.

This suggests that credit activity is so far below a long-term trend. The Bank of Russia notes a certain easing in the requirements for borrowers in the mortgage lending segment. In 2017 Q1, the share of newly extended mortgage loans with the initial instalment less than 20% increased from 6.8% to 14.2% and in 2017 Q2 it increased from 14.2% to 20.6%.

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Globally engage compelling meta-services vis-a-vis collaborative catalysts for change.

In January-July 2017, the share of dividends accrued by banks vis-a-vis their financial performance for 2016 stood at 25,4%.

Ten banks accounted for over 90% of dividends accrued in January-July 2017.

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