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This means that when all those top breakers are turned off—all power to the breakers in the panel will be off—including the lower breakers.The next picture is of a split bus panel with the cover off—notice how much it looks like the sub-panel picture above (well except for neatness)?Subscribe to the newsletter here."Why do I have to sign up for a newsletter? I'll just grab the biggest pillow I can find and cry in it.Best of luck on your basement project whether you decide to do it yourself, hire a great contractor, or a little of both.This type of panel doesn’t “require” a main breaker unless it is in a detached structure.

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The code allows for this type of panel as long as all the power can be shut-off in 6 throws or less—known as the “6-Throw Rule.” Inspectors and homeowners sometimes mistake these split-bus panels for sub-panels and incorrectly call for repairs to the way they are wired—or wonder where the main breaker is.This type of panel is configured such that it takes a maximum of 6 throws to shut all the power off.This type of Service Panel is called a Split-Bus Panel.Violations of this type are common with these panels as more circuits are desired and there just isn’t room in the panel for any more.Here is another panel with only three double pole breakers in the top six spaces but one of them has blue wires that run to the bus bars for the lower circuits.

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