Manic depression dating someone with travling dating

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Having dated many women with BPD/Bipolar, I learned their thought processes. As a result, you’ll get the love, the sex and the life that you want. I’ve had a lot of crazy girlfriends over the years.

I can assure you that my best memories and experiences are from these relationships.

Watch it right here: Obviously I don’t know your exact situation. Before we continue, you might be interested in my free “BPD Cheat Sheet” guide: Once you read through the points I make below, be sure to check your email and read that guide.

All relationships are unique in my opinion, and this includes BPD relationships. Most of my relationship experience comes from dating BPD and Bipolar women.

You can’t help but want to love them despite their flaws. There’s nothing wrong with loving someone who has BPD or Bipolar.

You’ve got to have the right attitude, the right mindsets, and a powerful belief system. Most people who come across my BPD and Bipolar lessons here are good people with good hearts.It’s why you often hear of women dating men who are like their father (the term “daddy issues” also comes from this). I learned of my own actions and behaviors that would worsen the relationship.As I said earlier, developing awareness into these types of relationships is far more important than looking for “techniques” or “secrets” or whatever. When you learn what NOT to do, you avoid doing too much which often leads to mistakes. Instead of focusing your energy on learning new techniques and whatnot, you should mistakes, you’ll avoid most of the problems in your relationship.Here you are dating someone who you think could have BPD (or Bipolar).I know these two things are different, but often times men and women get them confused.

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