Dating antique irons singer

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Each of the Tibetan Singing Bowls offered by Bodhisattva have been personally selected by Shakti.

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Many industrial sewing machine repair facilities have donor machines that can be a source for parts as the machines stayed basically the same through the 60s and are still in use today in upholstery shops, parachute lofts, and tailoring businesses. I think I got the front side a little hot while I was trying to get penetration all the way through. Since I got into the MR2 scene I'm pretty sure I could count on one hand the number of people who have come on the boards with a toasted SC.

Whatever rod you use, Vee out the break and clean it well as all the older machines I have worked on were well marinated in oil from decades of use. At this point it's going to take enough time and money to make it work I have to make it a side/hobby project when I have time and money.

I think I would insert a piece of aluminum bar in the bore to aid in alignment of the pieces. Only solution right now looks to be machining the housings for a bigger bearing and working with bearing engineers at a company like NSK to make sure we are using a bearing that will serve that purpose well.

I'd just rather spend my time talking people into going with a turbo setup lol.

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